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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Two Steorn forum members "Overconfident" and "Alsetalokin" have been experimenting with ideas for how to construct an all-magnet motor with no other motive force. One of them shot a video showing acceleration of the device they designed and constructed. Despite our attempts to secure an interview they have both declined at this moment in time. The video was posted on YouTube on Jan. 4, 2008 and is featured above in this post.

Overconfident had the idea and designed the device, meanwhile alsetalokin took the ideas that he seen promise in and developed them into the working model you see in the video.

The rig is initially started by hand, then once the secondary counter-rotating magnet gets in sync, the device accelerates to 1700 rpm, meanwhile the second magnet appears to spin in excess of 4000 rpm. By further tweaking two of the three secondary magnets the assembly seems to spin even faster. The optical tachometer measures 5,000 rpm.

"It spins, we don't know why." -- Alan Setalokin (Jan. 6, 2008)

Alan also had this to say when myself and Sterling Alan of Peswiki asked for an interview.

"If you want my opinion, I think Sterling and 007 should go interview each other, and leave me the f**k alone."

"Overconfident" had this to say:

"Sterling, it's about time! I submitted information to your wiki twice about this project in its earlier stages and never received so much as an acknowledgement. It was already worthy of mention almost a month ago. What took you so long?"

"Just like everyone else, I guess. Has to be on YouTube before it's worth a second look."

The good news is that the device is "open source" and should be able to be replicated by anyone with skills in this area. It should be noted that lots of testing will still need to be done before anyone is shouting "free energy", but regardless of that it looks like a very significant breakthrough.

I sincerely hope that the two Steorn forum members change their mind and decide to be interviewed.


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