Steorn Talks at DIT: Main Points For Discussion

Thursday, December 18, 2008

College of Technology, Bolton Street

Free energy technology development company Steorn today delivered a presentation and information on things to come regarding their technology - Orbo. The main bullet points at the talk were:
  • This is the start of Orbo's commercialization process with a launch in 2009

  • More highly credible independent validations agreeing with Steorn's findings will be published

  • 300 engineers/companies to be involved in replicating the technology for themselves

  • Specific designs / configurations / blueprints will be available to be built by engineers

  • Steorn talks to take place in many tens of universities around the world over 6-9 month period

  • Working designs have been built by Steorn

  • Jurors now number 21 from the original 22

The public talk was hosted in room 134 of Dublin Institute of Technology and was attended by 30 or so people. Steorn CEO ( Sean McCarthy ) spoke to a very receptive audience about free energy topics, CoE (Conservation Of Energy) and more importantly discussed aspects of the upcoming Orbo technology.

Sean started by discussing the history of Steorn including how they were aksed by Microsoft to develop a CD/DVD anti-counterfeiting technology which they then went on to successfully do.
He explained how their customers were law enforcement agencies and how they worked with them on a number of things including technology to protect ATM machines from card skimmers.

The Orbo technology fell out of this project when they discovered anomalies with the magnets in the micro-wind turbines used to power the remote cameras. They got "really strange readings" and delved deeper to try and explain things rationally.

Sean revealed how it has been a very difficult journey for the company. Firstly they themselves weren't convinced that the effect was real and then they had to realise what they had and come to terms with it.
Sean went on to say the following about the upcoming launch and tour:

"In February we will be asking 300 engineers / engineering organisations to start replicating this stuff" - He then went on to say "this is the start of our commercialization process".

As part of the rollout process of Orbo free energy technology he said: "We're going to be putting into the public domain more forms of validation that's been done of the technology over the years. So this is not just us going it's true you must believe me, this is other very very credible sources who've gone and tested it". Those people came to the same conclusions.

Photographs of the DIT event will follow in a later posting when we recieve them.

Listen to the Presentation audio here



Anonymous,  December 20, 2008 at 3:25 AM  

More talk, nothing to show. Just more of the same stupid rambling that pleases the gullible and stupid.

admin January 17, 2009 at 8:57 AM  

It's not more talk. Orbo's process of commercialization starts this year.

Michael,  February 3, 2009 at 2:01 AM  

"Orbo's process of commercialization starts this year." Yes, that's just more talk: they still haven't actually shown any of their "technology" actually working.

What will they be selling? The plans for a wheel that will go on turning for ever as long as it's kept in the dark, not attached to anything and nobody ever looks at it?

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