Steorn SKDB300: The Countdown Is On

Thursday, June 11, 2009

With Stage1 of Steorn's new SKDB online environment commencing on Monday 15th (just 4 days from now) We are moving increasingly closer to a new and exciting era in man's exploitation of energy. The full commercial launch and worldwide introduction of free energy technology is anticipated later this year. No date has yet been announced by Steorn.

According to a leaked email from one of the SKDB300 - On Monday 15th June access will be given to the SKDB300 followed 3 days later by the first installment of e-learning modules which will begin to explain the techniques exploited by Steorn in achieving gains of energy from certain arrangements of permanent magnets. The modules will be posted 3 per week for 10 weeks.

Steorn's "Orbo" technology platform is still considered a blasphemy by establishment science and academia, due to the fact that it breaks a couple of the most fundamental laws of physics.

The principal of the conservation of energy (CoE) states that energy cannot be created or destroyed - that it can only change form. Current thinking has us believe that if you put energy into a system you cannot get all of it back due to losses in friction, eddy currents, heat and other losses - Orbo technology using certain techniques can get around these issues and result in a net gain of energy. When the technology is successfully validated (launch is later this year) we as a species will be forced to re-evaluate the course of our own energy evolution. The development of Orbo represents a significant shift away from polluting and exhaustable energy sources to a non-polluting infinite supply of clean energy.

Oil Supertanker: Dying breed?

A re-evaluation of present day physics and a re-ordering of the oil based financial system seem
inevitable, and represent only two of the significant changes we can expect.

The commencement of the SKDB 300 (Steorn Knowledge Development Base) with 300 engineering firms and individual electrical and mechanical engineers is a strong signal to the world of the seriousness of this product development and launch. Steorn have been engaged in a long period of Research & Development over the last 6 years, constantly refining and maturing the effect that they discovered by accident.

Orbo is based on the interaction of magnetic fields which when used in certain configurations create more energy than the system can consume. The result is an overunity capable device, once pronounced as "impossible" by Leonardo Da Vinci and still today looked upon by the establishment as fringe science.

The first incarnation of Orbo technology will be an EM (Electromagnetic) implementation, presumably in the form of a pulsed motor. In Steorn's own words: "Orbo interactions can be engineered using two basic techniques. The first technique utilizes a method of controlling
the response time of magnetic materials. The second technique decouples the Counter Electromotive Force (CEMF) from torque for electromagnet interactions.

"Orbo 1.0, the first commercial release of our platform technology, is based upon our electromagnetic implementation. Orbo 1.0 will be made available initially under license to 300 engineering companies and to the wider product development community later during the course of 2009."

As a member of the SPDC and now OrboSphere (OS) for the last 2 and a half years I myself am very much looking forward to the coming weeks and months and can only compare the experience of involvement to having a front row seat watching the Wright Brothers first flight.



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