EEStor just months from launch?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

According to an alleged leaked telephone interview, controversial energy technology company EEstor is just months away from launching a revolutionary capacitor. Their capacitor technology would allow a full charge of a device in minutes while being able to retain that charge and release slowly over days.

This would open the door for lighter, more powerful and quickly charging devices such as iPods, and other portable electronic devices, but by far the biggest advantage would be in making the electric car a commercial reality.

The information comes from an alleged leaked telephone call between an interviewer and EEstor CEO Dick Weir. Back in May ZENN Motor Company confirmed that their own independent testing verified that eeStor's capacitors were performing as promised.

With the Steorn launch of Orbo free energy technology also this year it looks like things are hotting up.

Full transcript of conversation here

EEStor on Wikipedia



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