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Friday, June 24, 2011

  • Greek Deputy Development Minister Socrates Xynidis Attends
  • Agreement With 3 Multinational Companies 
  • 17 Countries Have Expressed Interest
  • Establishment Of Research New Centre
  • 3 New Plants Making e-cats in Xanthi
  •  Investment Totals 200 Million Euros
  • Co-operation With University of Xanthi
Also in attendance:
  • President of the Association of Exporters of Northern Greece
  • President of "Larco" which will supply nickel  
  • General Secretariat for Research of China
  • Chairman of the Technical Chamber of Greece  
  • Representative of German Green Party 
Press Conference just finished (around 16.30 Athens time) In Palaio Faliro Municipality Congress Center, around 150 people attended.

Press coverage: 7 cameras from Greek mainstream stations, RAI, news paper journalists from major Greek newspapers, Italian, Assosiated Press, and others.

On the stage: Prof Stremenos, A. Xanthoulis from Defkalion GT and Andrea Rossi.

A press release and a press kit in DVD was distributed to the media. A special company announcement on the event will follow on Friday 24th with details, full list of participants, photos etc.

The event was filmed and it will be uploaded next week, with English subtitles, on YouTube after technical preparation.

The following report is from Greek News site Xanthi Press
The report has been translated using Google Translate, so there are some transcription issues going from Greek to English.
The first official presentation of the investment-mammoth company Defkalion Green Technologies in Xanthi, to produce energy from fusion of hydrogen-nickel (the invention of Foccardi-Rossi), was held Thursday afternoon in the auditorium of Town Hall Palaio Faliro.

To covered the event and presents interesting material on investing and the importance ascribed by the scientific and business community. The presentation was made by the company president Alekos Xanthoulis, accompanied by the inventor - Professor, University of Bologna Andrea Rossi and former Ambassador, also professor at Bologna, Chris Stremmeno while the event was attended by Deputy Development Minister Socrates Xynidis.

A. Xanthoulis: "We can say that we start"  President Alekos Xanthoulis company initially said that "For 1.5 years we have started this effort in time to present. Indeed the first time I saw this device that produces energy from "nothing" totally believed Professor Rossi. He was questioned and many audits by international organizations, but no longer as an industry standard and we can say that we start, "he said. In parallel, inter alia, noted that the effort has a national character by referring to "a light will come and we want to be ours and not the IMF.

According to President of Defkalion, industrial production starts from Xanthi to the first factory to the Fall, where katakefazetai core-reactor device (the "secret").  A new plant will operate within the next year again in Xanthi, where devices are manufactured complete e-cat, while the third plant unit will be operational in 2013 and again in Xanthi and will deal with the production of industrial units.  The total investment cost estimated at over 200 million euros.

On the question of reason for the choice of Xanthi as installation space industry, said three reasons:
First, note that in 3-4 visits to the region found a very high level of technical people in the region as well as kindness and warm hospitality of the people.  Secondly, said the geo-strategic position Xanthie 2 ports, 2 airports near and immediate access to all trans-European road networks are very important and, thirdly, he noted that the overall reception has been very positive, noting " We want the development to cease to be vertical and not move up from Lamia and Schimatari.  My hometown is Volos not welcomed me as I expected, unlike the blonde who greeted us as they should, "he said with meaning.

Declared open to cooperation with scientists and the University of Xanthi and said an agreement with three major multinational companies and the planned establishment of a Research Centre in the region.
The device will be presented in a formal test before the Greek authorities in the first 10 days of July, with several institutes around the world have tried the device. Moreover, 17 countries have expressed interest and demand is very high every day. We are very proud of that time. «

Greek diaspora investment fund
9 Greek diaspora-that compose Defcalion Global-fund investment outside of A. Xanthoulis. There is no debt or other financing and stated clearly that there is no request for a grant and the investment is only covered by equity. "We inform the state for this operation and the presence of Mr Xynidi indicates the support provided to us," said President of the company.

Alongside Professor Rossi revealed that interest was the discovery of various countries, but considered it more sincere effort identified by the Greek company Defkalion market the patent, adding that it is Greece of a large and highly appreciates the achievements of the country over the past 25 centuries. "There are entrepreneurs with patriotic feeling at this time we will not see what you get from the investment, but what will give the country" said Professor H. Stremmenos, pointing out the cultural dimension to the cooperation.

Technical details of the device 

According to President of the Company "is a box-reactor that uses nickel and hydrogen, which gives us heat. They had been many attempts in the past for cold fusion, but we managed to get to this form of energy production while Greece has 83% of the amount of nickel in the EU.

It can produce up to 30 kilowatts / hour of thermal energy.  We proceed experimentally and we present the toimoi Anna October 1 megawatt device and November 12 megawatts of energy. "The box can be used for domestic or industrial use of energy while producing heat can be produced and electricity the country needs."  The cost is estimated at 4-5000 euro and the depreciation is estimated to not exceed a period of one year.  "We'll cover the world and is a great project because, especially abroad, this technology has become too big noise, and although Greece is exclusively non-US country has shown interest.  There were parliamentary questions to Obama and Berslouskoni for this reason that Greece got this patent. We now hope to have an interest in Greece. "Said Alexis Xanthoulis.

"From Greek goodwill of a product will reduce the cost of heating and hot water at 10%.  Anyone who wants can add whatever a mechanism to convert thermal energy into electricity and return the surplus to PPC.  He noted, however that did not produce any harmful effects.  The cost is less than 1 minute per kilovatora, unlike the 12 that currently pays the Greek and the importance for industry, rural economy, and the power of the islands are large enough.  Use for example using a michanmimatos to house 200 square, where a device is provided free throughout the thermal energy required in the home while it collects 2,500 euros from the sale of electricity by electricity.

High attendance at the event 

The event was attended, apart from company executives, several representatives of the scientific community and representatives of foreign states and organizations show the importance given to the success of the invention.  Among them, the representative of the local government of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany controlled by the Green party, the President of the Hellenic-American Chamber, representing the General Secretariat for Research of China, Chairman of the Technical Chamber of Greece The President of the Association of Exporters of Northern Greece as well as the President of "Larco" which will supply nickel as raw material Defkalion.  Furthermore, there was quite a large interest from the municipalities of Athens interested in installing systems in municipal buildings.
Apart from the journalists of Greek and international media, questions submitted and scientists and business people, pairontas by Andrea Rossi answers only on the outside and not in the inner core of the device, which is a closely-guarded secret.



mikm June 24, 2011 at 10:10 AM  

This will be Greece's salvation and the worlds answer to a new energy paradigm. Go Greece and don't sellout to the IMF

Anonymous,  June 26, 2011 at 2:50 AM  

MiKM that's great, but you must still work, something Greece people have not done so much lately. Greece's are the largest group filing for early retirement.

And if you don't work very hard, there will be competitors within 2-3 years taking you out.

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