Andrea Rossi Video News Update Part 4

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Watch Part 4 Of Our Video Series tracking the fascinating events in the Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer Story.  The whole series of videos contains an executive summary of the main events since the first successful demo in January.

Please share these videos on your blogs and with your networks as widely as possible as the controlled mainstream media are still ignoring these very significant developments.

Please view If you missed the previous ones and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for regular updates:

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Jess Tauber June 25, 2011 at 8:03 AM  

Hi. I've been posting about number theory analysis and possible relation to tabletop nuclear effects of late to various blogs, in mails, etc. The Widom-Larsen model tries to justify itself upon the data from Miley showing production rate vs. mass number in transmutations in electrodes. I'm agnostic about that theory, but the Miley graphs have some hidden regularities that might have some very interesting implications. If one starts with the curve minimum at 155 and subtracts 58, we end up at 97, the next leftward curve minimum. Subtract 58 again, and we get 39 (versus Miley's 38). Half of 58, or 29, is a Lucas number (Lucas numbers being the next Golden Ratio producing sequence after Fibonacci). If we subtract 29 from 155 we get 126, which is a nuclear magic number. If we ADD 29 to 155, we get 184, yet another nuclear magic number. Thus there appears to be some sort of alternating occurrence of magic numbers (associated with minimization of reactivity) and minimum production rates in the Miley data. This might be dismissed as an accidental coincidence and 'numerology', but such numerology was the basis upon which Mendeleev and others discovered the periodic relation. Gotta start somewhere. As for accident the relations above just scratch the surface of what I've found. Discussion?

Jess Tauber

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