Steorn: Large Demand For OEDU Board

Monday, November 1, 2010

Steorn: Large Demand For OEDU Board

A high demand for Steorn's new Orbo Evaluation and Development Board (OEDU) has meant the very first boards shipped will be to those people and organisations with the requisite equipment and skills to measure the effect. The board is a solid state configuration which demonstrates the core orbo effect of a "non-conservative energy result".

Steorn latest press release reads:

"As there has already been a considerable level of demand for Evaluation Units and supply is initially limited we are implementing a process to ensure that those who receive the first Units have the necessary equipment and experience to best evaluate, validate and report on the technology. If you would like to be considered at this stage, please complete the form provided."

You must confirm the following in order to be eligible for consideration:

Required Equipment and Skills

    * Proficiency in the use of a digital oscilloscope and associated data capture and analysis
    * Access to a 4 channel digital oscilloscope with a minimum bandwidth of 200MHz, minimum record    length of 100,000 data  points per channel and the ability to export the raw data
    * Two Passive Probes with a minimum bandwidth of 200MHz
    * One Differential Probe with a minimum bandwidth of 200MHz
    * One Current Probe with a minimum bandwidth of 200MHz
    * Access to Microsoft Excel 2010
    * Electrical measurement skills
    * Experimental data analysis skills

System Comprises

    * 12 month Developer License
    * 12 month SKDB Membership
    * 1 Orbo Evaluation and Development Unit (OEDU)
    * 1 USB memory stick with test data


OEDU Brochure



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