Dept Of Energy Continues To Ignore Revolutionary Energy Technology

Friday, September 23, 2011

This is a fascinating report from Cold Fusion Now and only goes to illustrate how the information on legitimate energy sources such as LENR is CONTROLLED and demonized by those interested in maintaining the status quo.What is NOT surprising here is that the letter of denial on cheap room-temperature reactions comes from the Dept spending BILLIONS of tax dollars on "hot fusion" - surprise, surprise!

Andrea Rossi's energy catalyzer (STILL BEING IGNORED BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA) is only 4 weeks away from commercial launch. If successful, it  will make a complete mockery of these recent policy statements by the DOE.  It would be a VERY difficult task for ANY administration that wants to keep office to keep spending money on "hot fusion" when we ALREADY have a smaller, cheaper, better, quicker alternative.

So there we have it - you can clearly see we have a CONTROLLED energy policy and a CONTROLLED media. If they were open with their information and reported the facts straight then there would be no need for sites like this.

Read the letter here at Cold Fusion Now.



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