Goodwins, Steorn, And The Marzipan Hat

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Veteran ZDnet journalist Rupert Goodwins today took another charecteristic swipe at Steorn after recently hearing they are to proceed with commercial launch.

In Goodwins blog he again mocks the Dublin based tech firm with "Welcome back my friends to the magnetic machine story that never ends"and other such witty remarks.  It's an article choc full of opinion and pot shots but sadly thin on facts and research.

Judging by the content he has been all over their website trying to deconstruct their argument that they are JUST ABOUT TO COMMERCIALIZE AN OVERUNITY TECHNOLOGY. Had he bothered to look on the front page of their website he would have seen the video featuring 3 external engineering consultants who all state quiet clearly that Steorn's technology produced unexplainable gains of energy in separate independent tests.

Goodwins fails to inform his readers of this and didn't bother to try and make contact with any of the named individuals to verify their testimony. Just the sort of (fair and balanced) coverage of Steorn we've come to expect. Sarcasm intended.

FE Truth is also aware of many folks who posted comments to this article more than 24 hours ago.  To date, the feedback that we have is that those comments have not appeared and it would look like they have been censored by ZDnet as many of them do not agree with Goodwins opinion.

In 2006 Goodwins gleefully stated that if Steorn were the real deal and they produced an overunity device he would gladly eat a hat made entirely from marzipan.

Good news Rupert!  I found a useful link for you.



Anonymous,  October 15, 2009 at 12:04 AM  

Oh, they deliver internationally.
So there will be others who can take advantage of the experience of eating a hat.

ben October 22, 2009 at 10:56 AM  

Note that he made that promise in 2006. More than 3 years ago.

Where's Steorn's overunity device? I haven't seen it ... have you?

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