Andrea Rossi Talks About The Energy Catalyzer On Coast To Coast AM

Friday, March 25, 2011

Cold fusion device the "Energy Catalyzer" looks almost certain now to become a fully realised technology. Finally ending fossil fuel dominance and beginning an energy revolution.

Italian inventor, Andrea Rossi appeared on last night's cult radio programme Coast To Coast hosted by George Noory alongside veteran Free Energy Researcher Sterling Allen of PESWIKI.COM. Rossi does not have the best English but managed to speak for a short time on his energy vision for humanity rather eerily on the 22nd anniversary to the day of Pons and Fleicshmanns original cold fusion announcement.

Over 500 radio stations accross America and many thousands more listeners on the internet heard how Rossi is initially making his device to cater firstly for industrial use in factories and manufacturing plants for both heat and power generation. The home market requires many more safety certification hurdles that will take time to negotiate. Industrial adoption of the E-cat does not require nearly so many legal hurdles and so will lend itself to quick take up and replacement of traditional energy generation. Rossi has sold his previously very successful business in order to finance the E-Cat development and research, spending millions of his own money in the process.

Rossi went on to say how a one megawatt facility would cost an estimated two million dollars to set up, with the energy produced costing roughly 1 cent per kilowatt-hour. At current prices this is about 4 times cheaper than conventional energy generation. This is a very impressive figure when you consider that this technology is in it's infancy.

The next decade could see power outputs and efficiencies of the energy catalyzer increase dramatically.

Sterling also talked about several other promising energy technologies that are coming to maturity, some of which could also be with us by the end of the year.

This is absolutely in line with the prediction made by Gerald Celente of Trends Research at the start of the year. In fact Celente made the prediction only 1 or 2 weeks before news of Rossi's Energy Catalyzer emerged from Italy.

Read Sterling's report here:



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