Energy Catalyzer: "Important Contract" Signed in USA.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The commercial process of rolling out this revolutionary technology "The Energy Catalyzer", or "E-Cat" seems to be moving full steam ahead (pun intended). In a question and answer session on Rossi's online journal yesterday Rossi admitted that a an "important contract" had been signed in the United States. Additionally, Rossi re-confirmed that October is the scheduled date for the 1MW plant to open.

Contract Signing

"Dr. Rossi,

I recently read that Dr.Hanno Essén, and Dr.Sven Kullander were invited to investigate your energy catalyser. Their report is most compelling. I am thoroughly convinced that your device is for real. It is very exciting. Thank you for letting such distinguished academics report on your technology. The world will soon be listening, but so far the North American world remains oblivious."

Dear Mr Bruce Fast:
Wrong: yesterday we signed a very important contract in the USA .
Warm Regards,
A.R. (Andrea Rossi)

Confirmation of October For Opening Of 1MW Plant

Dear Joseph Fine:
In October, when we will start the 1 MW plant ( and you will be invited to attend) I will release the theory. For now I just publish all the comments related with maximum respect, but without reviewing, for obvious reasons. Maybe from these comments can be born competition: I wouldn’t mind.
Your insights are always very interesting.
Warm Regards,



Anonymous,  April 10, 2011 at 3:40 AM  

Sooner or later something like this has to happen.

Hopefully the economic energy powers are still convinced -based on the skeptic scientist's opinions and funding interests- that this development is just a scam... so they leave it alone. And that not only does it turn out to be functioning as claimed by the developers, but that when those powers realize that, it will be too well known to the general public for them to stop it from progressively being implemented.


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