Rossi Energy Catalyzer: "Threatens Entire Industries and Countries"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

 Andrea Rossi At The First Public Demonstration Of His Energy Catalyzer

In one of the most recent question and answer sessions on Andrea Rossi's "Journal Of Nuclear Physics" Rossi confirms that provision has been made in the event he were to be suicided or the project was forcibly shut down.

Many people have been concerned that such a disruptive technology such as Rossi's energy catalyzer would provoke a strong negative reaction among elements of the military industrial complex and corporations hell bent on protecting their power and profit.

"Obviously you are threatening entire industries and countries with  this technology. I really hope you have spread the knowledge far enough as to avoid being a target yourself or just having the project shut down."

Question: Dear Ing. Rossi,

"Amazing work. I am a good friend of Martin Fleischmans Grand Daughter. We have been keenly following your work since January. Anna and I have talked a lot about the  turmoil He experienced back then. As you probaly have heard from him during  your visit a few weeks ago, he has some depressing stories.

Obviously you are threatening entire industries and countries with this technology. I really hope you have spread the knowledge far enough as to avoid being a  target yourself or just having the project shut down. Have you considered sharing the exact workings of the device; catalysts, quantities, pressure, ect?

I understand the financial benefit you stand to make but maybe the world needs this out there so we can start to put right the damage done during the oil age. If you were to ask for donations for the download of the design I think you would still end up one of the richest men in the world along with the most well
remembered. Think what happened to GM electric car, Stanley Meyer and others. I think I speak for most of the worlds youth when i say please share before its too late!! You will be Leonardo Divinche [sic] of the 21st century."

"Dear Mr Aron Duckworth:
As I said many times, Fleishman and Pons have been the ones who gave us a dream following which the present results have been achieved. We owe this to them. As for what you ask, yes, I have made the necessary deeds.

Please present my best wishes to Martin Fleishman.

Warm regards,
Andrea Rossi

3 E-Cats Stripped Of Their Insulation

A Closeup Of The Main Chamber

E-Cat With Insulation Stripped

Other Rossi News: A Theory

Rossi has been holding off presenting a theory on why these reactions are taking place and what he thinks is the underlying theory behind the energy catalyzer.

Yesterday he confirmed again that when the 1MW plant starts up in October he will release his own theory on what he thinks is happening.  This is one of the reasons that his patent has hit a stumbling block as it was not accompanied by a theory of operation.  From comments Rossi has previously made in the last few months he has already said that he doesn't believe that it is "cold fusion" in the true sense, but that it may be neutron capture that is enabling the reaction.

Whether he presents this as his actual theory, we will need to wait until October to find out.

"Dear Mr Paul Fernhout:
Thank you for your insight. In October, with the start up of the 1 MW plant I will also release the theory behind the effect.
Warm regards,



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