Steorn Public Opinion Poll Sabotaged

Monday, December 10, 2007

Some months ago we started an opinion poll on what the public thought of Steorn. In the last two weeks someone has painstakingly voted then removed the voting cookie, then voted again tens and tens of times in order to skew the results towards the "hoax" choice.

We know where the perpetrators motivation lies and to which organisation they are loosely involved with. It was a feeble attempt and has only shown them up for the cockroaches they are.

This proves that we are doing something right and we will continue to bring out the truth about free energy, it's existence, and it's subsequent supression. In particular we will continue to bring you news of the most promising free energy technology so far. Orbo.

The choices were:

1. I believe them.
2. It's a hoax / fraud
3. Measurement error.

Up until a couple of weeks ago BEFORE the poll was manipulated by the stats were as follows:

1. 40%
2. 30%
3. 30%

Quite clearly showing that 70% believe Steorn's claims or that it's measurement error. Only a third thought that it was some sort of hoax. Quite clearly the biggest percentage is in the "I believe them" category. A victory for common sense and a tribute to the public's growing awareness of the truth.

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