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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The main menu page on has been replaced by a very teasing set of stage curtains shrouded in black with the date "4th February" in bold letters.

Is this the start of the commercialization process for Orbo free energy technology? It certainly looks like it is. As Steorn CEO (Sean Mccarthy) stated a few weeks ago - they are looking to engage with the engineering community to find 300 engineering firms to take the Steorn Effect and incoporate that into their own products.

The products that will ultimately be developed over the next few years will only be limited by imagination. A technology like this (in these uncertain times) could be a massive boost to world economies and any company not engaging in this process willlose the vital edge in free energy product development later down the line.

As some blogs have wrongly predicted, this is not the end for Steorn, but this is actually just the beginning. Some very positive things are to come this year.

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