Now THREE E-Catalyzer Factories To Manufacture Cold Fusion Modules

Monday, May 9, 2011

"We have the final product in our hands, not the experimental one, exactly the one that we are going to produce. It works excellent."

  • 3 Cold Fusion Catalyzer Manufacturing Facilities On The Way
  • Final Commercial Product Design Of E-Catalyzer Ready To Go
  • 200 Million In Investment
  • 300,000 Energy Catalyzers Produced Per Year
  • Several "Important Countries" already requesting the Ecat modules.

RAI TV News (an Italian TV station) recently featured a lengthy news item on Andrea Rossi and his energy catalyzer invention.  Among those interviwed were Swedish scientists Sven Kullander of Upsalla University who is also chairman of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Energy Committee and Hanno Essen (Associate professor of theoretical physics at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and chairman of the Swedish Skeptics Society). They recently said of the energy catalyzer:

“Any chemical process should be ruled out for producing 25 kWh from whatever is in a 50 cubic centimeter container. The only alternative explanation is that there is some kind of a nuclear process that gives rise to the measured energy production.”

Defkalion Green Technologies

The news item also featured a fascinating question and answer session with executives Alexandros Xanthoulis and David C. Aurel from Defkalion Green Technologies interviewed by Angelo Saso from RAI TV. The Defkalion factory will be the site of the inaugural October 1MW Energy Catalyzer Plant. The plant to be built in Xanthi, Greece, will be the first ever cold fusion power facility in history to be developed. Defkalion will also have exclusive license to manufacture and sell the energy catalyzer modules.

Here, Defkalion executive Alexandros Xanthoulis indicates that the first plant in Xanthi, Greece will be used as a reference site for other businesses interested in pursuing the ecatalyzer for their energy generation needs.

Alexandros Xanthoulis: "The 1MW facility in Xanthi will however we will also use it as a presentation or showcase for future potential interested parties."

Angelo Saso "Is the Energy Catalyzer ready for the market?"

Alexandros Xanthoulis: "We have the final product in our hands, not the experimental one, exactly the one that we are going to produce. It works excellent."

David C. Aurel: "Actually the device what we are going to sell  (or let's say provide) is going to be a 10kW device producing solely heat.

Angelo Saso: "How much will it consume in terms of fuel and money?"

David C. Aurel: "Again speaking about households will have no other charges or costs except for the leasing fee because we will provide all the ingredients for the device."

Angelo Saso: How many devices will you run out?

David C. Aurel: "As many as we can produce. As a rule of thumb we can assume a final full capacity of 300,000 units per year."

The narrator Angelo Sasso then goes on to say that "A factory to commence production and a further 2 on paper." So it would seem that the plant in Greece is just the first of at least THREE energy catalyzer facilities.

The question of who is behind this company comes up and is answered by David C Aurel - "Defkalion is funded by a group of non-governmental entities. It's not just private investors but they are entities also in industry and international. They come from different parts of the world."

Angelo Saso: How much money will be invested in the project?

"Well to cover Greece and Balkans we estimate about 200 million.. I believe it 100%, our investors believe it 100%. and if you see the messages we are getting from all over the world, they believe it 100%. There are several countries (important countries) who are already requesting to buy the product from us.

Watch the full video report in English here:



muzuzuzus May 9, 2011 at 9:40 PM  

This IS very exciting, but i WISH it wasn't factories that were getting first choice, but us poor common people, fucked over for freakin generations by the greedy suppressing oppressive 'power companies'!

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