Dr Steven E Jones: Open Sourcing His 20x Overunity Circuit

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dr Steven E Jones demonstrates and explains his 20x overunity circuit which has been been replicated already. The project is open source for anyone.

Dr Steven E Jones is a retired physics professor who worked at Brigham Young University and who is best known for his work in identifying the suspicious presence of Thermate (a patented incendiary material used in the commercial demolition business) in the World Trade Center dust following the attacks on 9-11.

Unknown to many is that one of his other interests is in proving overunity. He has been working on a special variation of the "Joule Thief" circuit with which he has managed to achieve 20x overunity performance.  Firstly, he used a standard circuit to which he connected a small LED and an AA battery. 

Running it overnight he found the battery drained the next morning, but when he attempted the same experiment again using the modified circuit he found that there was "no noticeable change" in voltage in the battery even after powering the LED overnight for some 12 hours. By all accounts the battery should have drained significantly, certainly enough to be detectable.

See the videos here:

Dr Steven E Jones -Part1

Dr Steven E Jones -Part 2

Read Sterling's full report here on PESWIKI



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