USA To Get 1MW Cold Fusion Power Plant

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Energy Catalyzer inventor Andrea Rossi has confirmed that a 1 Megawatt facility will be built in the United States.  For now though, the identity of the mystery firm is not known and won't be until a joint statement is made nearer the time of launch.

The startling information comes from the comments section of Rossi's "Journal Of Nuclear Physics". Until now there was only mention of a "contract of great importance being signed".  It appears that the contract is to build a 1MW power plant somewhere in the United States.

Rossi's company - Leonardo Corporation is located in Florida, so there is speculation that the company in question is located there also.

Rossi loves his new adopted country (USA). He said "everybody who knows me knows how much I owe to the USA, the place of my rebirth and the place where I have chosen to reside and make the manufacturing of our products. I am fighting, as all of you, to give my energies to this great country to overcome the crisis. We are just doing it."

The information comes from the following comments on Rossi's site:

Dear Mr. Rossi,

I continue to follow your E-Cat progress with interest and admiration.

A while back you mentioned that you had signed an agreement with a major U.S. firm and thought that a joint press release would be made soon. Being anxious for the E-Cat to get some mainstream attention in the U.S., I wondered if you can give us any further news/information on the major firm, the nature of the contract, or when we might see the press release.

Thanks and God’s speed on your exciting journey.

Bill Conley

Dear Mr Bill Conley:

I due time we will make a press conference, when the 1 MW plant in the concern of our USA Customer will be in operation. To avoid useless chattering I decided, from now on, to make public only the facts of my Customers’ plants in operation . Too much talking has been done already.

Warm regards,




georgehants May 18, 2011 at 7:38 PM  

Good honest Cold Fusion site, The Media world and academic "science" could learn a lot.

Truth seems to be a commodity in even a more precarious position than Cold Fusion.

Anonymous,  May 26, 2011 at 11:37 PM  

Andrea Rossi, you are awesome! The genie will soon be out of the bottle and once it's out ... it's out! I look forward to the day when we no longer have to rely on foreign oil. I hope that people in high places in this country will allow the transition to take place peacefully. It's time.

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