eCatalyzer: All 330 Modules Completed For First Fusion Plant

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rossi: "We have completed all the 330 modules of the 1 MW plant. Now goes on the testing of each of them and the construction of the container."

 Rossi (right) with 4 e-cat bodies: Photo credit NYTeknik

Here is a quick summary of the latest information and some questions and answers from Rossi's online journal.

  • Each E-Cat in the 1MW plant can be remotely powered on and off.
  • Main difficulty in producing electricity from the heat output - Efficiency
  • R&D with the Universities of Bologna and Uppsala still ongoing.
  • No more public demos. Customers and market will decide. 
  • Scheduled visits to plants will still be allowed
  • October scheduled for commencement of 1 MW plant in Greece 
  • After Plant opens work will start on commercial operations
  • Deuterium not involved or useful in the reaction
  • Ampenergo to license and sell eCat products and technology to Americas
  • Defkalion to license and sell to rest of world.
  • Shipping containers suggested as ecatalyzer portable power stations
  • NASA trying to replicate Focardi's earlier work. 
  • Studying steam engines fit for the E-Cats: (not an easy task)

Question - "What will be the maximum presure and temperature of the output steam?" 

Rossi - "550 °C, 50 bars".

Question - "Does the reaction stop if temperature rises to Ni melting temp? This is rather important safety point, ie. is china syndrome possible?"

Rossi - "If Ni melts the E-Cat stops. It works only with powders. This makes it intrinsecally (sic) safe. And do not forget that we do not leave radioactive material, we do not use radioactive material ."

Natural News are now also covering the Rossi story - read their article here.



georgehants May 20, 2011 at 6:55 PM  

Published in The Journal of Nuclear Physics today.

Wladimir Guglinski
May 19th, 2011 at 8:52 AM

Dr. Pietro Cambi
The confirmation of Rossi’s technology by an university was important one year ago, so that to show to investors that Rossi’s technology really works. That’s why the confirmation by the Bologna University was crucial.
As the E-Cat is already going on the market, it means that it’s working. So there is no need any confirmation by any university.

There is in general a belief that something can work only when it is confirmed by an university. The scientific community used along the 20th Century such belief in order to fool the people, by convincing them that many experiments which defy the prevailing theories cannot be taking seriously in consideration because they had no confirmation by universities.
But the own universities refused to repeat the experiments.
By this way they have created a vicious circle:
- all the peer review journals refuse to publish the paper describing the experiment, because it violates some principles of current theories.
- all the universities refuse to repeat the experiment, because it was not published in any peer review journal
- so the experiment cannot be taken seriously, because it was not published in any peer review journal, it was not replicated by any university, and so its results were not confirmed.

Tesla’s inventions in the field of free energy are an example.

It seems such conspiracy of the academics against the scientific method will end in 2012.

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