Billion Dollar Bribe To Suppress Water Fuel Secrets: Mister "X" To Reveal All

Monday, May 2, 2011

Glen Canady Announces That Mister X Will Reveal All On Wednesday Night's Show

A man who claims to have had 10 attempts on his life after refusing a $1Billion bribe to walk away from his water fuel invention will reveal all on Wed night radio show.

The information comes from this YouTube video released by Glenn Canady from Project.Nsearch. It has been claimed that the inventor (unnamed as yet) will reveal technical details of the water fuel technology on  "Late Night in the Midlands" radio show this coming Wednesday 10PM EST.

The inventor claims to have been running his Dodge Pickup on just water which bears a remarkable resemblance to the story on Frederick Wells of Future Energy Concepts which PESWIKI.COM reported on in August 2010 - see video below.

The August video showing a remarkably similar Dodge Pickup that runs on 100% Water

Inventor Stanley Meyer who similarly powered a dune buggy with nothing but water was murdered on March 21st 1998 after dining in a restaurant. His own hydroxy technology would have eliminated Trillion dollar oil interests if it had been allowed to come into full development.  It is hardly surprising that this gentlemen (the as yet unnamed Mister X) has had attempts on his life.

Glen Canady's Article On This

Project Nsearch

PESWIKI Coverage

Late Night In The Midlands



Jonathan Pugh May 3, 2011 at 2:49 AM  

My skeptic alarms are going off! This sounds just like Mylow's Magnetic Motor with MIB and govt agencies conspiring against the free energy inventor. This person is just a lonely individual desperate for some media attention. Now Rossi's e-cat, on the other hand, is intriguing me.

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