MSNBC On Rossi's Visit To Massachusetts

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 reports on Senator Bruce Tarr's invitation to Andrea Rossi to base any eCat manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts. 

It's a regurgitation of the original (and better) article in the Boston Globe.  The MSNBC article is only mildly significant in the sense that it is yet more mainstream coverage.  Also worthy of note is that MSNBC (as mainstream as you can get) are actually covering the story more than the majority of the "alternative media" sites who should be ALL over this news.

Widen Your Outlook
Yes, there looks like a much bigger economic collapse coming, and yes, Isra-hell are shaping up for an attack on Iran which could pull in China and Russia and escalate into a much wider conflict, but that does not excuse the alternative media from reporting on one of the SOLUTIONS to the problem!

I don't know what it is, but they seem to report on every other alternative topic (except free and exotic energy developments) for some reason.  It's time they got with the program.



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