Update: ORBO PowerCube Has Left Slatterys

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Steorn's ORBO PowerCube has left Slatterys, presumably reclaimed by Steorn after its brief encounter with the patrons and staff of Slat's'. Slatterys seemed a little disappointed that the device had been reclaimed so soon - here's waht they said on their Facebook Page.

'The device is no longer here. A little too much attention for a quiet field test. I may have gone over the top posting about it so my bad. I'm hoping that we can get her back under more strict media conditions but Slattery's Pub not exactly a quiet pub hence the perfect place to display it.' -Slatterys

The PowerCube was left at Slatterys Pub in Dublin over the weekend and while it was there, it got a lot of attention. In it's brief spell sitting behind the bar it successfully charged numerous customers and staff smartphones, including HTC's, Samsung and iPhones and had people perplexed and amazed.

Sadly,it has now gone, but we have had a tantalising taste of what is to come from Steorn in 2015 and beyond.  To the already convinced it's a revolution-in-a-cube, but many questions remain for the sceptical out there as one would expect.

There is no word yet on the price and availability of this 'must have' gadget, but we hope to get more information soon to share.



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