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Thursday, June 10, 2010

SKDB Lite is a free knowledge sharing and technology development community created by Steorn for all electronic and electrical engineers interested in magnetics.

The SKDB Lite offers engineers and developers the opportunity to:

  • review magnetics and engineering e-Learning content
  • experience the power of the SKDB package as a development and collaboration platform
  • expand and develop the community's collective knowledge of magnetics
  • promote further research and development in all fields of magnetics and permanent magnet materials
  • create an environment where people with a common interest can share ideas
Steorn will support the development and advancement of the SKDB Lite by adding new e-Learning content and support documents on a regular basis and by contributing to relevant discussions. 

An upgrade path will be available for users wishing to purchase full membership of the SKDB. SKDB (launched in March) is the sole medium for the dissemination of Steorn's Orbo technology and its future enhancements.

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