eCat Self Sustained at Half A Megawatt With No Input For Over 5 Hours

Saturday, October 29, 2011

In yesterday's test of the 1MW eCat plant, after a period of time it Self-Sustained With No Input Power For Over 5 Hours While Producing an astonishing 470 Kwh/ph. 100 smaller eCatalyzers made up the whole plant which is housed inside a shipping container.

"According to the customer’s controller, Domenico Fioravanti, the plant released 2,635 kWh during five and a half hours of self sustained mode, which is equivalent to an average power of 479 kilowatts – just under half the promised power of one megawatt." NY Teknik

"There were some issues, so it couldn't be run at full power in self-looped mode, but what it did do was plenty impressive." - Sterling Allan, PESWIKI

On completion of the test. Small water leak is visible.


On completion of the test Rossi was asked if he thought it was a breakthrough:

"If I think the test of today is a breakthrough? I think yes, yes because today we have seen no more small 5 or 10 kw unit, but now we have overcame the difficulties connected with the basic engineering to make something to go in self sustaining mode to make 400 Kwh per hour."

"You can also think that hundreds of Billions of dollars have been spent to try to have a cop of 1,1 with nuclear fusion. Today we have made a theoretically endless CoP making 470 Kwh per hour of completely free energy, free of fuel and yes, I think this is a breakthrough. Of course this is the first step, but it is a very important first step."

The Customer Report

According to the report the test was met with approval from the customer and the 1MW plant will now be shipped to the customer. it will then undergo further tests
in order to develop the technology.

There is still no real indication who the customer is, but clearly marked at the top of the report and then subsequently scored out with a pen is the word "colonel" in front the controller's name Fioravanti. Rossi indicated that the customer belongs to one specific category of organisations, and the title Colonel could be an indication that the customer is military - although this is by no means confirmed.

There is speculation on the possible customer identity however. An observant person noticed that in the properties section of the attached Excel datasheet that was posted was the author's name: a large Bologna company called "Manutencoop Facility Management", however they may not be the actual customer, but just a company contracted to help out on the day.

Manutencoop Website

University Of Bologna / Uppsalla Testing

Rossi has confirmed that the testing by Bologna University and Upssalla can now start
under an agreed research contract

Sterling Allan's PESWIKI have posted their report of the events of the day which can be read here.

Meanwhile Wired Magazine Have Ran A Story On The eCat

Wired Article - Cold Fusion: Future of physics or phoney?

The eCat 1MW Report Contains 3 scanned pages of a document and an excel spreadsheet.

Photos: Courtesy Mats Lewan NYTeknik



Stephan October 29, 2011 at 7:59 PM  

One thing that bothers me the most is, that it was said the plant would contain 52 or so E-Cats at rated 27KW and now there where 107 as stated in the customer reports and they only produces half of 1 MW. Me as customer would be not pleased about such.

Even the 470KW with no input power seems to be outstanding. Just funny that they always said their measurement was conservative. Seems that the new 27KW E-Cat has gone back to its predecessor.

I still hope that this technology dos not vanish now and that we see commercial products pretty soon.

taysoren October 31, 2011 at 3:39 PM  

Is the the output in heat, or electricity. If its just heat, how much electricity could it generate ? Or are they rated the same??

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