eCat Tests: Preview Of What's To Come On Thursday 6th October

Thursday, October 6, 2011

  • Closed Loop Tests Lasting Many Hours
  • Scientists From Many Countries Present
  • Focus and NY Teknik Magazines Will Cover The Events
  • Few hundreds Euros Will Power 1 MW Plant For 6 months
Not many people know it, but tomorrow is a very big day for the world. If you are only finding out about this now, it is because your media have failed you.  Since January the controlled mainstream press have ignored the single biggest science story in decades despite many attempts to get them to sit up and take notice.

Despite the mainstream media willfully ignoring the story, a few blogs and websites have been keeping the world informed of the almost daily developments in the ecat story. See video below.

In Bologna Italy, a small group of international scientists will gather to conduct the most comprehensive tests yet on Andrea Rossi's revolutionary clean energy technology - the eCat (Energy Catalyzer). Present to record and document the proceedings will be Focus Magazine (Italy) and Swedish Tech Magazine NY Teknik.

What's an eCat?
Newcomers to the story will be surprised to learn that the eCat is a potentially revolutionary new clean energy source which produces vast amounts of energy from cheap powdered nickel and miniscule quantities of pressurized hydrogen. For a quick introduction to why the eCat is so revolutionary, we would recommend you view the following video.


So What Do We Know?
Unlike previous tests, this particular test will last much longer than any previous and this time, will NOT measure steam.  In previous tests there has been much controversy over the measurements of the "dryness" of the steam and the flow rate of the water, therefore questions remained over the true amount of excess power produced.
So instead, tomorrow's  tests will use a heat exchanger in a closed-loop test which should eliminate the controversy over steam.  This should help settle some of the debate for genuine sceptics, but there will always be a hard-core of pseudosceptics who (in the face of conclusive proof) will still deny the truth to the end.

The test is due to start at 12:00 midday and will be conducted in Bologna, Italy.

Who's Attending?
The probable guest list for tomorrow's tests will look something like this.
  • Hanno Essen And Sven Kullander From The University Of Upsalla, Sweden
  • Representative of The EPO European Patent Office - (Invited, but not confirmed)
  • Daniele Passerini, Blogger and personal friend to Giuseppe Levi.
  • Prof Brian Josephson (an outside possibility).
  • NY Teknik Magazine - Confirmed
  • FOCUS Magazine - Confirmed
  • Scientists from the US, Russia, Italy
Focus Magazine

Focus Magazine is a worldwide science and technology publication owned by the BBC. Journalists from the Italian Focus Magazine will be covering the developments with photos, videos and in-depth reports. A recent translated article from their website said:

"Thursday, October 6 at Bologna began testing a new E-Cat: will be present to document the event with photos, videos and interviews. The test will be conducted by Rossi on one of the local EFA (the family business) in the presence of “nuclear physics” – according to Rossi’s own statements.

Wanting to go into the field of hypotheses we can say that will probably present Mauro Villa, University of Bologna (but the test is not attributable to the university) and in all probability there will be no physical Brian Josephson, whose presence seemed to some a few days ago. The test will begin t midday, and the program should continue until late at night.
According to Rossi said, will be very similar to the last test performed with the Swedish NyTeknik except for the fact that the thermal measurements will be taken on a secondary circuit where the water will not be vaporized, to allow you to “read” better efficiency of the system. In addition to will be present to document the event for Matts Lewan NyTeknik and Daniel Passerini . Send questions to ask the same day, during interviews with Rossi and the present, you can use the forum for test of October 6 or e-mail"

Last week we contacted the separate UK Based Focus Magazine through their Facebook page.  We asked them "When do you anticipate that Focus Magazine will cover the Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer Story that's been going on since January this year? They responded with "Sounds interesting. We'll take a look."  Since their Italian counterparts WILL be there to cover the story, it will be interesting to see whether the English language editions will also follow up on this with their OWN articles.

eCat Impact

The impact of this technology could be unfathomable.  For example, recently Rossi answered a question from a reader relating to the cost of  operating the ecat for 6 months. The reader's guess was "More or less than 250,000.00 USD?” Back came the surprising answer from Rossi - “Few hundreds of euros activate for 6 months the 1 MW plant.” This figure presumably relates mainly to the replacement cost of the specially treated Nickel powder on which each eCat reactor runs.

In a further confirmation of how revolutionary the ecat could be Rossi gave more encouraging news - “I can guarantee you that the E-Cats will have a price that will allow to everybody to pay them. I am working for this, and this is what will give a sense to my work.”



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