Let's Make History: eCat 1MW Fusion Test Starts Today

Friday, October 28, 2011

Today in Bologna something very special will happen that could potentially touch the lives of everyone on the planet.

The inside of the 1MW Plant - photo credit: Daniele Passerini
Andre Rossi's 1MW eCat Plant will begin operation in a series of tests designed to prove the technology to the US based customer - and more importantly to the waiting world.  A successful test of the 1MW Energy Catalyzer should be enough to take us into a new era of cheap, clean energy generation, possibly triggering a positive economic tide to lift all ships.

The only clue we have to the identity of the mystery customer who is in charge of the tests came from blogger Daniele Passerini yesterday when he said "it is a well-known and largest industrial group". Yesterday we speculated that it could be General Electric and duly sent off a press inquiry to them, however as of this date we have not recieved a reply. 

Rossi confirmed on his blog that he is raring to go with a "We are  Ready!" proclamation. But this time Rossi will take more of a back seat during these tests.

Rossi - photo credit: Daniele Passerini

Rossi: "We Are Ready!"

RockEye October 27th, 2011 
 Dear Mr. Rossi I just want to wish you good luck and go change the world tomorrow!! 

October 27th, 2011 

Dear RockEye: 

Thank you: now it’s 4 p.m. of the 27th, and we are finishing the cosmetics of the plant. I think tomorrow we will make, with the help of God, a good job. My work, basically, is finished. Within one hour the Consultants of the Customer will arrive to start the check of all the parts of the plant and prepare all their stuff for the test of tomorrow. Until some hour ago I felt a strong pressure, now, at the eve of the battle, as usual, I am recovering all my coldness and calm. We are ready. Warm Regards, A.R. 

Brad Arnold sums the mood up perfectly when he said:
"I don’t think it is too grandiose to say the hopes and dreams of countless people alive now, and that are yet unborn, are on Rossi this week. The importance of this occasion can not be overstated.

I pray the “customer” will quickly commercialize the e-cat “container” when it checks out. The sooner it is proven via the only certain way (i.e. successful commercialization), the sooner the R&D departments of countless corporations around the world will kick in and start integrating it to various applications. Cars, ships, desalination plants, home heaters, power plants, portable electrical generators, water heaters…the applications are endless and the world is waiting."

The "Guessed" Guest List

Representatives Of The US Based Customer
Prof Sergio Focardi
Andrea Rossi
Prof Giuseppe Levi
Prof Bianchini
Prof Christos Stremmenos
Daniele Passerini
Craig Casserino (Ampenergo)
Sterling Allan (Peswiki)
Mats Lewan (NY Teknik)
Raymond Zreich (Focus.IT)
In addition to the people listed we are told that there will be "prominent scientific journalists" in attendance, so let your mind wander on that one for a bit. If the test goes to plan and the customer is happy, then over the next few weeks the ripples from this will spread out like a tsunami as people start to take notice.  It's hard to imagine how the media silence can be maintained on the back of unquestionable proof of a new clean primary energy waiting to be tapped.
There is always the question of safety when you are dealing with super-heated steam, but Rossi has always maintained that the eCat has very good safety built in should anything go wrong.  But this is a slightly different proposition. 52 eCats running simultaneously inside a shipping container is a whole different ballgame.  Hopefully all will go well on the night regarding the safety of the participants.

Live Webcam?

We still do not have any indication if there will definitely be a live webcam feed of the test - email us at ecat@overunity.co if you know differently and we'll put the link up for everyone to see.

Hourly Updates On Rossi's Blog

We are told there will be hourly updates of all the goings on over at Rossi's Blog. Where exactly, remains a mystery.
Don't know about you, but I'm off to stock up on popcorn.



muzuzuzus October 30, 2011 at 7:23 AM  

What I hope with all my heart is that this radical new energy will inspire NOT same consumerism, or god-forbid more consumerism, but at last a stopping of the terrible assault done to our Mother Earth for many many hundreds of years. THAT is THE most important thing we must do---urgently!

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