Sven Kullander Talk: Rossi Is The Genuine Article

Friday, November 25, 2011

A Person Named Hampus Ericsson Has Made a Short, Informal Report of What Happened On The Unofficial Andrea Rossi Facebook Group Page:

The text contains grammatical and spelling errors, but is faithfully produced.

"I couldn't stay for all of it because I have a train to catch. The lecture was good. He started by going I've all different types of nuclear power. And then he talked about hot fusion and when that might be functional."

Then the good par came, he talked about all the different test that have been made of Rossi's ecat( basically read the Ny Teknik reports.

Then he talked about his own test, he said that it proved that heat was made but he couldn't say how, and he dont believe it's cold fusion because that impossible by today's science. But it could only be explained by cold fusion happening. He was very confused :).
He also said that Rossi is definitely not a fraud and that his friend Focardi and Levi is absolutely not frauds. They are his friends and he trust them. Rossi on the other had he said to be a black box.

He said that NASA had contacted him and asked about rossis ecat. So NASA was the first American customer that bailed. Apparently they wanted to know how it worked and Rossi wanted to keep the secret for himself.

Sven Kullander did not know who the final costumer is.

He also said that Rossi can be a little bit angry at people who don't trust him. That's why Sven have kept on Rossi god side and never told him that it don't work.

Sven said that he have asked Rossi if Uppsala university can independently test the device, with the demand that all information will be reveled to the public. If Rossi says no to this Uppsala will not test the device.

One of the most interesting thins was that Sven kullander sad that Focardi and Levi are both excellent professor that he believe a 100% in, Rossi on the other hand is a little bit of a black box. He said that there are two black boxes in this history, Rossi and he ecat.

He also said that his colleague Roland Peterson (think that was his name) is very positive on the ecat.

Sven also showed the test of the nickel fuel and the copper nickel that is left after the reaction. They will come out with a full article on this when all the testing is done. But the first test show copper in the waste.



Anonymous,  November 26, 2011 at 2:17 AM  

sure thing now they are coming out in support of Rossi after he has fought all the battles, they are standing in line with their hands out now so they can cash in.

Anonymous,  November 26, 2011 at 6:49 AM  

He also said that Rossi can be a little bit angry at people who don't trust him.

with all do respect. does Rossi have a clean history? 1995 second time jail for gold smugling and tax fraud? can someone dis-prove that (serious question before i get flamed)? i am not sure if its all true, but asking for trust while having a not so trustworty history is insane.

COULD be true, i dont know, nor do i care. the project is so closed and so based on trust. skeptisism isnt based on trust. though were being asked to take trust as facts. :S

dobermanmacleod November 26, 2011 at 7:53 AM  

In the e-book "Secrets of E-Cat" nothing is mentioned about a "black box" (most likely a frequency modulator). As far as Rossi being a fraud - given the amount of successful public/semi-public demonstrations, and particularly because Focardi and Levi would have to be in on it, such a possibility is absurd. Too bad Rossi won't submit his device for independent verification, as the widespread belief in the legitimacy would help (faster) the poor and hungry and thirsty of this world.

Oh well, I hear Rossi is going to MA - it really makes me mad that MIT might eat MN's lunch because my political leaders are too ossified to see the light. Not for lack of lobbying on my part.

Pachu,  November 26, 2011 at 9:02 AM  

The whole thing look just the same as:

Charles K. Bilyue November 29, 2011 at 11:30 AM  

A "black box" is simply a device which functions on certain inputs to produce certain outputs, but without transparency: how it accomplishes what it does is obscure.

Both the E-Cat and Rossi appear to fit that description; both appear to operate, and we do not yet know how either of them tick. :)

As far as independent verification: a legitimate LENR device that does what E-Cat claims to do is world-changing; there is tremendous incentive for someone to attempt to reverse engineer it for either their own use or to make knockoffs using the same method, or devices that are similar in function but accomplish it through a sufficiently dissimilar implementation to evade patent protection. Furthermore, there are plenty who, whether out of fear, or desiring attention and fame, or out of some misguided idea of helping humanity, would love to spread plans to create one, or information on how it works sufficient to recreate one, and thereby deprive Rossi of any benefit for his contribution to changing the world.

It also makes sense why he would seek 10,000 people for interest in home units; the more he can sell at once, the less chance that someone will make a knockoff before he's gotten some return on investment. We do not even know how much has been spent on this research, so we can't speculate what would be necessary for it to be truly profitable.

Because of this, I can hardly fault Rossi for his secrecy.

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