eCat: A Week In The Media Reviewed

Monday, November 7, 2011

Well, that was quite a week.

After over 10 months we've now seen the eCat break through into the mainstream awareness. In the past week alone, we've seen the eCat go from relative obscurity to being covered in some of the larger and well-known mainstream press. It's still not on the 6 o'clock news, but it's a start.

MSNBC wrote a brilliant article "Italian cold fusion machine passes another test".

Fox News were fairly unbalanced when they finally got their teeth into the story, but they still left themselves some wriggle room in the title of the story just in case it all goes pear shaped and they need to bail out -  "Cold Fusion Experiment: Major Success or Complex Hoax?".

The Daily Mail also got in on the act with surely the worst story of the lot.  A badly researched piece littered with innacuracies and sensationalism. They neglected to mention that many researchers DO BELIEVE that cold fusion / LENR, exists.  There was no reference to other international research showing excess heat in various experiments, nor did they actually speak to anyone. (Perhaps they should stick to alarmist health stories and the daily exercise routines of various b-list celebs.- Ed)
They also printed a photo claiming Rossi had said he has produced a pattern of triple track atoms, which is at the heart of the cold fusion theory, when Rossi has claimed nothing of the sort and the photograph has nothing to do with Rossi's claim.

CBS were more on target with a short but balanced article. They took the trouble to speak to an actual human being who knows something about LENR - MIT professor and cold fusion supremo, Peter Hagelstein.

"Are physicists generally, and DoE in particular, so sure that excess power in such experiments is impossible that the very large number of experimental results which show an excess heat effect clearly should continue to be ignored?" Hagelstein asked.

Other stories worthy of mention are the recent articles in Forbes and today,'s David Hambling wrote a good piece on what to expect as this story inevitably evolves.

We've heard some accounts of journalists being ridiculed by their more mainstream science aligned counterparts for writing about the eCat. This is a form of information supression and should be resisted at every turn. We applaud the journalists who've stuck to their guns in the face of intimidation.

Despite the mainstream starting to get involved, the well dug-in big establishment mouthpieces of TIME, Nature, New Scientist and The Economist still predictably refuse to budge on reporting anything. My prediction is that they will continue to ignore anything eCat well into the forseable future. More scoops for everyone else then I suppose, while THEY will be remembered for passing up the news story of the century.

We told last week of how AP News had attended the eCat 1MW demo and then subsequently refused to report on the story despite having the exclusive! We were Twittered to stop asking questions, sit tight and wait for Godot - unsurprisingly AP are still sitting on the their elbow and no story has since materialized.  In fact, it's actually quite ironic as they've now been scooped by everyone else despite being the only mainstream news agency present - (that's quite an achievement - is there an award for something so dumb?) Ed.

This is a very interesting period of time where you can see exactly which mainstream publications are the most controlled, who has an agenda to serve, and who has the most shareholders with conventional energy directorships on their board. Who's interests are served by keeping quiet about a new non-polluting clean energy technology and which rich white men would rather have a their gonads trapped in a rusty bicycle chain that allow the ecat onto the market.

The ecat is in direct competition with the very powerful multi TRILLION dollar energy industry players, many of whom have controlling interests and powerful friends in the media, so watch out for dirty tricks, false stories, personal attacks on Rossi's character and an entourage of disinformation goons descending on the comments sections of ecat articles.

It's an old phrase, but it's highly relevant in this game.

Follow the money.



Anonymous,  November 7, 2011 at 7:15 PM  

The Daily Mail is probably the worst paper in the world. Hell, thats why it has a spoof site called the Daily Fail. Utter crap paper that even I wouldnt wipe my derrière with.

Anonymous,  November 8, 2011 at 1:59 AM  

why doesn't Rossi let them make their tests to prove what he's got?

As long as nobody could see his device for more than 5 minutes this discussions won't be over.

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