FOX News: Surprisingly Positive eCat Coverage From Mainstream

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cold Fusion Experiment: Major Success or Complex Hoax? - That's the headline on the biggest mainstream eCat story so far.

Since last week's apparently successful eCat test the mainstream coverage of such a monumental story has been extremely thin on the ground largely due to mainstream dogmatic denial of cold fusion as a legitimate science.  Since then, there have been a few reports surfacing in Forbes a few days ago and then Discovery News yesterday, a regurgiated version of the FOX story.

But sadly AP are still dragging their heels. House of Rothschild owned Associated Press seemed to pull the plug on the story of the century and we all wondered why? So set about to convince them that their decision was badly informed. AP reporter, Peter Svensson's TWITTER account must have nearly melted in the aftermath as pleas were made to rethink the spiking of the story.

Our own Free Energy Truth Facebook Group were informed of Svensson's TWITTER account and the email address of AP's Health & Science Editor Editor Kit Frieden. We asked that readers (politely) ask why there was a delay or a seemingly all out refusal to tell the world about this new clean primary energy source?

Still The latest news from AP is that we've all to "stay tuned" apparently. If this is up-to-the-minute news, then I've got my own newsflash - "Elvis is dead!".

Did the FOX report come from AP? Well, a recent search of the AP newswire reveals NADA so far. If it ever appears then it would be thanks in part to the many people who wrote to AP and told them to pull their finger out and start reporting on possibly the biggest story this side of Jesus.

Read the full FOX News article here.



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