Steorn Replications: More Interesting Developments

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In the past 24 hrs a prominent French engineer has been replicating some key aspects of the of the Orbo motor. French replicator, Jean-Louis Naudin, has tested and confirmed that he encountered no counter electromotive force CEMF / back EMF in his replication.

In his own words:

"The Steorn engine reproduced here confirms the observations and the measurements submitted on December 15, 2009 by Sean McCarthy in Dublin. This engine, an atypical configuration, is really very interesting and worth to be explored and developed because it presents a characteristic of non-reciprocity of the energy load on the power source through the breaking of the symmetry (regauging effect). Other experiments and tests will soon be conducted to better understand and improve this innovative principle.  Using the potential energy of magnets to produce a clean and free energy is really worth exploring and developing very seriously for the future of our planet." 

In corerespondance recieved by Sterling Allan he gets some feedback from Steorn CEO Sean McCarthy on Naudin's replication attempt. Read Sterling Allan's Peswiki article here.

"Thanks for that - however I must urge some caution here, what Jean-Louis will find is that all of his electrical input is being output as heat and that the work done by the rotor is free. However this does not mean that simply putting in a generator will enable him to close the loop.

The reason is that the design of the 'active' coils is very important so that the input uses minimum current to cause the effect in question - the production of heat is a current^2 relationship. Unless this fact is considered in the design of the input, then while the system may be more than 100% efficient, the work done by the rotor will be less than the energy input into the system, and so a closed loop system will not be possible.

Our next sequence of experiments will address these issues.

We are quite happy to discuss this in more detail with Jean if he has further interest in replication (two of our engineers are French, so they should be able to communicate well)."

Jean-Louis Naudin's Steorn Page 
Jean-Louis YouTube Channel

Meanwhile one of the guys at has been busy as well.

"First test run of my Steorn motor replication. Utterly amazing!!! Using just two toroidal coils I can get this motor to over 2000 RPM with just 100ma of power at 12V input!!!!"

Steorn Replication Thread Over At



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