Steorn: Expect 3rd Party Validation / Cancelling Back EMF

Monday, December 21, 2009

Steorn show an overunity pulsed motor with no Back EMF then tell us "Expect 3rd Party Validation".

Steorn were back today after their amazing first experiment in a series of four to be shown LIVE throughout January. Having been fascinated by the Royal Institution Christmas lectures as a lad this experiment was a reminder of that and also a taste of what's to come in the form of some new and cool science on the menu for January.

Steorn offered some tantalising answers to questions on both their public forum and their official YouTube channel.  We'll come to the Question and Answer session in a minute, but first, the experiment. For anyone who missed it, it quite clearly demonstrated that there was no back EMF being generated in their Orbo system - video is below.

Through the Lenz. Scope trace reveals a severe lack of back EMF - nice work.

Yesterday, Steorn through their official YouTube channel and their public forum responded to some questions posed by members of the public also.  A selection of the highlights from these comments now follows.

iainduncansmith: Hello Mr Steorn,
Can we expect some independent, 3rd party, validation of your device as part of the demo in January? 
Steorn: You sure can.

makeitlookreal: What is the maximum percentage of back EMF reduction you have been able to achieve?
Steorn: If care is taken with the setup, then 100% cancellation is possible.

Wow, thanks for the quick response. If what you say is true about 100% of the electrical energy dissipating as heat, then you have something. My objection is that Sean seems to imply that the Orbo somehow violates Lenz's law, and that the absence of BEMF is something unusual and unique here, when in fact it is entirely expected. Many scope shots are then used to demonstrate this irrelevant point. The focus should be on proving input v. output, thats all, IMHO.

Steorn: Hi - the experiment that was shown last night is part of a sequence of tests that we will be putting into the public domain, the final experiments showing the net input/output of the system (and addressing the question of if the magnets themselves 'erode'). In order that there is greater transparency of this we are doing the tests in a defined order. The key point being that the electrical energy put into the system is all dissipated as heat - for this to be true then there must be no BEMF.

littlehaste: At the risk of being a pest, I'll repeat a question I asked in the Steorn forum:

Why not take that superb oscillocope of yours and place the non-contact current probe around one of Orbo's battery wires and connect the differential voltage probe across the battery. I'm sure everyone would enjoy seeing that set of traces and it could be used to show what the net flow of power is between Orbo and the battery.

Steorn: We will be doing that :-)



Anonymous,  December 23, 2009 at 5:25 PM  

A lot of people believe that the Orbo is just a very efficient motor and say that to prove that there is OU you need to replace the battery with a capacitor. Have this been done? Can we get a video of Orbo running on a capacitor?


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