Steorn On Christmas Break: More Fun In Store For January!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

As their site now shows, Steorn are now on holiday for Christmas and New Year.  The LIVE demonstration of overunity will resume on January 5th, and will be screened exclusively from  More interesting however is Steorn's plans to show more significant proof of their free energy producing technology - Orbo.

Steorn have posted a message on their forum which alludes to the fact that the cancellation of Back EMF was only just the beginning of the reveal and that things will ramp up in January.


Hope that you all have a great Holiday - the fun starts in January - hope to see you then.



There are at least 3 more LIVE experiments planned where Steorn will be connecting other equipment to the demo device to prove it's overunity capability. If you happen to miss the LIVE sessions they are being recorded and can be viewed on the  Steorn YouTube channel.

Recently Steorn demonstrated Orbo's ability to completely cancel CEMF (Back EMF).

Look Mum - No back EMF!

On February 1st anyone wishing to develop Orbo free energy projects for themselves and understand how Orbo works will be able to join the SKDB and participate with other like minded individuals.

Subscribe to Steorn YouTube Channel here

Find out more about how to access Orbo technology for yourself here



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