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Sunday, December 13, 2009

 Waterways Visitor Centre, Dublin

There have been a few Steorn related events in recent days that have now been mentioned on a few sites and blogs.

It started after a local man walking through Dublin at nighttime spotted a large electronic TV screen running the new Steorn Advert on a constant loop a-la Times Sqaure New York style. The board is attached high up on a wall behind The Waterways Visitor Centre in Dublin. He posted a night time shot video, but then later removed it for an unknown reason.

Then, yesterday on Steorn's official YouTube channel , the public got a brief glimpse of this new promotional advert which was posted then subsequently removed after an hour or so. In that brief time it was already archived and re-posted by another user and can  be seen here on Steorn's Official Channel It has over 1,200 views already.

Since then another member of the public ArcaneTests has posted the following to -

"So they're starting a new demo next week; they've rented out the old Waterways Building in Dublin and are currently projecting ads onto an old factory next door. Can't find anything about it on their site but apparently they will be streaming a "live" demo of their magic-beans-powered device. They are currently setting up a lot of lights, equipment etc in and around the building."

Then later talking about when he got into the Waterways Centre, he said:

"OK, so I got into the room and took a look. Security is one old dude checking that everyone has a "staff" pass around their neck (no photo id or anything).

In the main room they have a kind of perspex stand (could be glass) about the height of a person with three shelves coming out of it at various heights. On one of those they had one of their machines. It was whirring away, basically spinning a wheel continuously. It has no obvious connections to power, only to a kind of connector block that i assume will connect to a readout or instruments."



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