SKDB Now Open As Solid State Orbo Is Announced!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today after 7 years of research and development Steorn's Free Energy Technology - Orbo is now finally accessible to the public and is being launched as solid state. The first influx of members are likely to come from research institutes, the product development community and intersted members of the general public.

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In another amazing development today Steorn announced that Orbo has now been successfully engineered into a solid state device, significantly reducing the complexity of build and skill level required for successful replication.

"Solid State Orbo gains energy via control of a material's inductance and domain rotation. As with all previous implementations of Orbo, these material permeability effects are fundamental to the production of an energy gain. Although Solid State Orbo is in the early stages of development, rapid progress is being made with regards to optimisation. For this reason, it forms the basis of the Steorn Knowledge Development Base."

Solid state Orbo will now be a far more attractive proposition for product developers and builders alike. The energy gain anomaly that was discovered back then has come a long way in those few years. The first incarnation of orbo was of a PM permanent magnet start-stop mechanical implementation which was only recently superseded by a new EM Electromagnetic "EM Orbo".

Today's announcement of a solid state Orbo has been dubbed the holy grail of energy generation.  A solid state free energy device with absolutely no moving parts and open for rapid development by commercial interests.

Join SKDB here.

I hope to finally meet many of you in there.



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