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Friday, April 23, 2010

Turkish inventor Muammer Yildiz has just given a presentation of his all magnet motor to an audience of scientists at Delft University in The Netherlands. When the demo is finished the motor is disassembled for all to see.

The demonstration is quite noisy as the device turns a fan and it appears to show the device producing approx 200-600 watts of power. There is talk of the demonstration being taken to other European countries including Germany.

The following text was also translated from Turkish from a previous video.

"He took out the patent for his device on december,2009. The public demonstration will be on May, 2010 at Germany. German and Dutch scholars have examined the device for days. Under confidentiality agreements with large companies have signed a contract...."

Yildiz has 3 patents that turn up in a search of the European Patent Office

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