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Friday, April 30, 2010

Phil Watson (not initially pictured here) is featured on this video from over a year ago.

One of the 3 engineers featured on the Steorn video "Engineers' view of Steorn's Orbo technology" - Phil Watson, has set up his own blog to document the process of testing the new Solid State Orbo system and has stated he will take a working device on tour locally.

Phil Watson is an accomplished electrical engineer based in Ireland and was one of three independent engineers who over a year ago, confirmed unexplainable gains of energy in Steorn test rigs they built themselves.

On his blog Phil says:

"Steorn first demonstrated the Orbo to me in 2008. What was demonstrated back then was a ‘Test-Rig’ that could be used to detect, measure and record the anomaly that Steorn had claimed they discovered".

"The next generation of Orbo was the one demonstrated in Dublin in january 2010. Since then Steorn have launched yet another version. This one being the ‘Solid State’ (as Steorn call it) model. It is this model that I am carrying out independent tests on."

"The Solid State Orbo is comprised of several solenoids and a toroid."

"I am not going to claim anything about this devices (sic) and it’s apparent anomaly but I won’t hide from the results either. Unlike a lot of chatter on the net about the Orbo I have actually worked on it. In fact I’ve been exposed to all the different versions of it.
This blog will be dealing with the ‘Solid State’ version."

"First up I don’t like the term Solid State Orbo as to me it implies that it is semiconductor based. Which it is not, it basically (sic) a device that has no moving parts. It relies on a rotating magnetic field in the same way that a 3-phase induction motor does."

"The method by which the field is rotated is quite clever but unfortunately at this time I can’t go into the details of it in the public domain."

His team named on the project blog are:

Phil Watson
Donal O’Donovan
Tony Wilson

"We plan to demonstrate the Solid State ORBO at various locations around the Cork area. ASSUMING IT DOES WHAT IT SAY’S..."

"As things are still at the early stage and as we don’t have enough test results yet --- we don’t know where or when we’ll demo it. Watch this space."

We'll be following Phil's progress here on Free Energy Truth.

Click here for Phil's Blog



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