SKDB Open To Invited Guests This Week

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Steorn Knowledge And Development Base is now open to invited private and commercial developers. Those people can now join here.
The registration page says the following: "This week the SKDB is open only to those private and commercial developers in possession of a personal invitation from Steorn. Please do not attempt to register if you do not have a personal invitation , as you will be unable to access the SKDB."
The only license option available at present is a developer license. These can be upgraded to full commercial licenses in the near future if the developer wants to bring product into the marketplace.

Orbo Technology Developer License and SKDB Membership

  • Typically for individuals, research and development teams, hobbyists, students, and academics.
  • Online collaboration and ability to establish multi-disciplined research teams.
  • Access to the SKDB and its Orbo technology E-learning modules - Understanding the technology.
  • Learn how Orbo technology works and how to build devices.
  • Commercialisation NOT permitted.
  • Annual License and Membership fee €419.00 inclusive of VAT (where applicable).
  • Click to review the Orbo Technology Developer License and Terms of Service.
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This is a big step forward in the commercialisation of overunity technology by Steorn.  Right now for the first time ever invited commercial entities are now participating in the development stages of overunity products which will ultimately end up in the consumer marketplace.
This is just the beginning.



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