Naudin Experiments Confirm Aspects Of Orbo Technology

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

French engineer Jean-Louis Naudin has produced a very simple but important video in which he experimentally confirms particular attributes of Steorn's Orbo free energy technology. The methodology is clear and unambiguous. It's well thought out and very clearly presented and ought to be highly reproduceable. Well done Jean-Louis!

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"This simple experiment confirms that, when the toroïdal coils are placed above or below the neutral magnetic line of the rotor, Back EMF can be measured. This experiment confirms also that there is a very precise position where the Back EMF can be fully canceled, this can be done when the toroïdal stator coils are placed exactly in line with the neutral magnetic line of the rotating magnets." - Jean-Louis Naudin



Keith Farnish February 22, 2010 at 11:33 PM  

Sorry, I don't understand this. I can see an oscilloscope which has been programmed by Steorn attached to a system produced by Steorn in a presentation run by Steorn.

Can I see some independent testing? Seriously, if it works then it would be wonderful - but if it works (as Sean says unequivocally) then why haven't Steorn opened the system up to an independent testing lab and published the results in a peer-reviewed journal?

This is healthly scientific scepticism: it's not denial, I can't deny what I don't have any information about. Please point to somewhere where there are some independent test results under controlled, bias-free conditions.

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