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Thursday, February 4, 2010

  • Commercial Organisations Have Already Pre-Applied 
  • Steorn To Tour USA
  • Independent Calorimetry Results To Be Published Soon
  • SKDB Open To Public / Developers Next Monday 8th
  • Public Demo Extended Fri 26th To Enable Independent Measurement
  • Over 200,000 Views To Steorn YouTube Channel

Steorn have completed their final experiment in the series, entitled "Proving Overunity" to a packed house and to a large live internet audience (videos posted below).  Over the course of the experiments we have seen that the energy is not coming from the magnets themselves, there is no back EMF is an Orbo motor and that it displays some highly unique charecteristics. Orbo is now officially the worlds first commercial overunity technology.

Steorn - Proving Overunity Part 1

Steorn - Proving Overunity Part2

During the course of the experiment Steorn CEO Sean McCarthy told of how they already have "pre-applications from commercial developers" who are looking to turn Orbo principles and techniques into consumer goods.  Those commercial developers have access to the SKDB already and next Monday 8th is the first access for members of the public who either want to just understand the effect or who wish to develop and build their own systems.

"What we are really about is getting this technology into the hands of the development community and on Monday we open our developer forum. Our developer forum is THE place where you can learn and understand and implement Orbo.  It's being opened on Monday for a group of commercial organisations who have pre-applied and it'll be opened to the rest of the developer community the following week." - Sean Mccarthy (Steorn CEO)

Steorn's demo at the Waterways Centre in Dublin has been very successful and therefore Steorn are extending their stay until the end of February.  This is primarily to enable independent testing of their Orbo technology.  If you would like to measure the systems for yourself then you can do so by making a booking by clicking here

Also announced during the live demo was Steorn's intention to tour the USA, presumably to do more talks and presentations and to promote the adoption of their technology into the product development community.

Sean recently talked a bit in the public forum also.


Ok - a little entertaining to read some of the comments this morning. Let me state something very clearly here. The system demonstrated last night is clear evidence of over-unity, or clear evidence of fraud. We either rigged the scope or we did not – and we did not.

As for the ‘levels’ of OU demonstrated, it’s a mute point – we could have shown 1000% (I believe at one stage we did as we pushed the pick-up coil closer to the system). The position remains the same, the results shown are well beyond ‘measurement error’ – so real or fraud, make your own mind up on that matter.


"You can expect a lot more validation to come into the public domain over the course of the next month. As for the SKDB, the information is there with respect to the basics (the core effects) - we have added in a lot more detail on some of the complexities of build and so on."

Sean responded to a question posed by a forum member:

iOn - "Can you tell us the R of the I^2*R curve please? This wasn't very transparent in the demo. Also, it seems that the amount of energy you gain from the rotor doesn't affect the rotor speed at all (pushing the coil in and out didn't affect the rpm apparently). How is this possible?"

Sean McCarthy - "R was a measured value (it can also be derived from the base V I data that will be published). The rotor did slow down when the coil was pushed in (i.e. more of the rotor KE was converted to electrical energy as the pick-up coil was moved in)."

RunningBare - "Have the company signed a contract agreeing to have their name published with the calorimetry results?, I just know you can see where this is going."

Sean McCarthy - "Yep" 

Sean McCarthy - "Again all that I have to say that all the data (direct V I measurements and calcs) will be published.

The point about yesterday was how I started this thread (and how I will now leave it). We showed a significant energy result that can only be achived on the basis of the tech being real, or the experiment being rigged - a rigged experiment would be fraud and no doubt I would go to jail for that.

But it was not rigged, and people can discuss (and will discuss) at great length how they would have tested it and all that - the tests where in fact designed by people external to Steorn, who represent our core target market at this point."



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