MYLOW Interviewed by Sterling Allan

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

IMPORTANT FE TRUTH UPDATE : This story was later later shown to be a hoax. The MYLOW motor used concealed fishing line which was only spotted weeks later after some video analysis.

Sterling Allan of PESWIKI.COM yesterday conducted an hour long interview with MYLOW who is based in Chicago, USA. MYLOW talks extensively about his very recent successful replication of the Howard Johnson (Stonehenge) Magnet Motor.

MYLOW has emphasized having tried previously to replicate the motor using the patent drawings that he was unsuccessful. It was only when he discarded the patent drawings and used photographs of the original motor that he had success.

The patent drawings upon examination do not seem to show the C shaped magnets that are in the actual photographs.

MYLOW goes on to mention his absolute disbelief when he seen the motor run by itself for the first time.

The interview can be downloaded here.



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