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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Simply mention the slightest possibility of free energy or perpetual motion and guaranteed, you’ll have a room full of fully grown adults smirking like hyperactive toddlers at a McDonalds Birthday Party. However, it’s that kind of over-the-top hysterical laughter that has more emotion grounded in fear rather than in amusement.

What are people so afraid of? Why does the notion of free energy have this bizarre effect on some individuals and some of the media – are we THAT conditioned to believe the media? Surely clean drinking water, sanitation, and an end to global warming, food shortages and reliance on fossil fuel are good things – or have I missed something?

Globally we have almost certainly reached peak oil and are on a slippery downward slope. The only way forward now for every single one of us is rising petrol prices, freak weather, followed by an outbreak of oil wars to control the supply from middle eastern tin-pot dictatorships ensuring a constant stream of supertankers feeding our addiction.

Demand is going through the roof and production is in steady decline. You do the math.

Meanwhile over in China and India, they can’t build coal and gas burning power stations fast enough. We look on in horror as the Arctic Ice melts like an ice-cube in a frying pan.

More recently, reported in The Telegraph and The Daily Mail we have new stories surfacing of more law defying energy creation. A team of scientists reviewed the EcoWatts technology and agreed they could not account for the energy being created by this system. Scientists. Actual scientists, with proper white lab coats, large craniums and PHDs coming out of their ears, yet this evidence has been largely ignored.

In true debunking style online publication Engadget have a picture with a cartoon speech bubble superimposed which rather unconvincingly dictates to their readers the way to think. Thou shalt ridicule free energy! One of the 12 JP Morgan commandments no doubt.

Rather than conducting an objective review of the technology, they chose the all too familiar and sadly predictable stance of giggling in the corner like a spoilt brat. Even “The Daily Mail” gets the full treatment unleashed on it with the statement that they are “dumb” for publishing the story. By implication the Telegraph must be dumb also as they have also featured the story. Sure are a lot of dumb people out there, must be all the carbon monoxide from the burnt oil?

What the debunking community would do well to remember is that It would not be the first time that science was proved wrong and it certainly won’t be the last. Egg on face can be hard to shift, even with the best of soap scrubs. I hear the Flat Earth Society are still cleaning themselves up even now.

Reality is that we’ve had free energy since the time of Tesla, but greedy white men seen to it that his equipment was confiscated and that he was ridiculed into submission. You see, the problem with free energy is that you can’t stick a meter on it and start sending invoices to people – it just doesn’t work. Who do they TAX – God?, The Supreme Being?, Zero Point Inc?

Used to be that no-one questioned the laws of thermodynamics, but now it seems we’ve got new technologies springing up all the time. The laws of thermodynamics are under siege – how long now until they need to be dismantled brick by thermodynamic brick like the some virtual Berlin wall.

If the laws of thermodynamics are comparable to football teams, where once stood the mighty Brazil – now stands The People’s Republic of Moldova. It’s only half time and they’re losing 12-0.

We all need to get over our fit of the giggles when it comes to free energy. If we don’t then the laughs, the McDonalds ice-cream and the smirking will surely stop when the oil wars, fuel shortages and rising floodwaters begin.



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