Respected Engineer Validates Steorn Tech

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

“Then I saw things that I didn’t believe”. Thieu Knapen

A recently leaked 2 minute film has turned up on Google. It further validates the free energy claims of Steorn. In the video we see accomplished engineer and inventor Thieu Knapen, CEO of Dutch company Kinetron discussing Steorn's Orbo technology, which he has personally tested in his own workshop facility.

His conclusions are clear: “We see a gain in energy”.

“I did the first measurement and did it on the Friday evening. Tried to measure things and I had a few magnets lying over here, as I’ve worked for 25 years with magnets, and I was surprised.”

“Then I stopped on the Sunday evening and I was more surprised. Then I saw things that I didn’t believe.”

“And that was my first trigger to say “Hey, maybe we forget something in the past and Steorn have found the trick to do it”.

“What we see is free energy mainly – to make energy out of nothing - so I thought this is not possible for the normal human being, but the idea of Steorn was they came with a very special idea to bring in magnets in a certain way and it was very new for me as well.”

“And even from the data we have and the measurments we did we see that we gain energy, and now mainly the principle is to get it into a working model.”

Speaking about the prototype device pictured on his workbench he is clearly heard to say

“It’s already a miracle”

He goes on – “This is just the beginning…..I’m sure of it”.

See the leaked video here



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