New Look ORBO Logo Unveiled

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Posted today on Steorn CEO (Shaun McCarthy) Facebook page - a new design of the ORBO logo. Orbo is the brand name for Steorn's free energy technology.

The logo features 3 coloured arrows in a classic sine-wave configuration.  The arrow on the left pointing down and to the left while there are TWO arrows pointing UP and to the right.

The interpretation so far on social media is that the significance of the TWO arrows is perhaps a nod to the more power out than in (TWO units OUTPUT  for only one INPUT).

"Orbo technology is based on electromagnetic interactions concerning domain rotation within ferromagnetic materials, specifically the phenomenon of delayed magnetic field propagation.
Delayed magnetic field propagation is a limited area of exploration within the physics community, while there are a number of papers that detail the test method and examination, no papers to date have gone as far as the research conducted by Steorn".

The development of this technology is continuous as work progresses to the end goal of providing a safe, stable and continuous electrical power output.



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