Steorn Bring In Social Media Consultants For Video / Photoshoot

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Irish Tech firm Steorn have hired a prominent Irish social media consultancy firm, presumably to re-enage the public at some point in the near future.

Steorn CEO Shaun McCarthy posted this picture on his Facebook this morning with the text - "What on earth is happening in the office this morning????

Headed up by MaryRose Lyons, Brightspark Consultancy is a prominent social media consultancy based in Dublin, Ireland. Their Slideshare bio includes Social Media Content, Social Media Strategy, Web Copy, and most interestingly of all Enviormental and Social Justice Journalism.

A quick check reveals that they, like Steorn, are also located on East Wall Road, Dublin and are in fact located in the same Docklands Innovation Park together.

For anyone familiar with the company, the offices shown in the picture are instantly recognisable as Steorn, however, I'm wondering why the Brightspark Consulting logo is up on the wall of the Steorn office - that seems odd. Unless this is a semi-permanent or long-term engagement with these guys.

So are Steorn about to re-enter the public eye? Well, you don't hire a social media firm unless you are about to do just that. The only questions are what are they about to hit the market with and the timing of it all.

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