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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We took a decision over a month ago now to cease reporting of the eCat for several reasons. 

First of all, 16 months have elapsed since we helped break the story to the world and yet there are still no independent third party test results of the eCat.  This is a very disappointing situation in view of the intitial timescales to commercial launch that were originally given.

There can be no doubt that many very qulaified individuals have been present and witnessed eCat tests - however, despite the optimism felt for the commercial realisation of such a revolutionary technology, the fact remains that in the absense of independent third party verification the eCat's claimed power output remains heresay at this point. There can be no doubt that Nickel Hydrogen reactions do produce anomalous heat, but the question remains over the power figures claimed.

So what do we mean by third party tests?  Essentially - this refers to testing in a laboratory environment by a reputable third party testing company such as Underwriters Laboratories or similar.  The tests would be made when no current member of the eCat team was present in the room and would include several test runs with controls in place.  These tests would be conducted over several weeks ideally to reach a conclusive result.

It is not fair on the readers of Free Energy Truth that we report daily unsubstantiated rumours of  "he said" "she said" hearsay.

Should independent collaborations or verifiable developments / testing occur then we will resume coverage.  Our eCatNow site contains feeds of all the relevant "he said" she said" developments on the eCat which you are still welcome to follow.


Defkalion have went silent, so there is nothing to report that can be substantiated or verified.  However, the fact they have went silent is a good sign of their professionalism and their resisting the sensationalist  rumour mill.

It's hard to imagine a scenario where both Defkalion and the eCat are both nothing but hot air and harder still to see how anyone hopes to make serious money unless they have a legitimate product to sell.

As it turns out our decision to cease reporting was a good one. News on both of these potential game-changers has been deathly quiet for nearly 2 months.

While behind-the-scenes developments are reported to be happening in both camps, only time will tell when and if one or both reach a commercially viable status.


Meanwhile, in other news,  work continues on our brand new site which breaks out of the narrow band of free energy developments to present you with a more complete picture of the secrecy and supression that pervades our society. The site will launch sometime in May. In the meantime please "Like" our Facebook page to keep up to date with events.



georgehants April 10, 2012 at 4:44 PM  

Best Wishes for your new site.
It is good that because of the Internet people can have far more access to the Truth.
That of course frightens many closed-minded and self-serving people and much resistance to Truth can be expected.
Only when debunkers and irrational deny-ers are removed from Websites can a fair and reasonable debate be held.

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