Defkalion: We Invite Independent Testing

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Defkalion lays down the gauntlet with an invitation for indepenedent testing of it's Hyperion LENR reactors.

They predict that a COP of 20 or more will be determined by the independent testers.

In a lengthy statement outlining the testing methods Defkalion stated "PDGT welcomes further requests from internationally recognized and reputable scientific and business organizations interested to conduct their independent tests on “bare” Hyperion Reactors."

New Announcement Of Testing

According to Defkalion, this particular invitation to test is entirely separate from the independent testing ALREADY scheduled to occur in the early part of 2012. "As it was announced in our November 30th Press Release, a series of third party tests on Hyperion products have been scheduled to be performed within the first months of 2012, immediately after our product’s certification. This announcement does not refer to such product tests."

Download the full press release here



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