10 Kw Cold Fusion Demo Tomorrow By Physicists At University Of Bologna, Italy

Friday, January 14, 2011

Peer reviewed online journal "The Journal Of Nuclear Physics" has just announce there will be a demonstration of a 10kw cold fusion reaction tomorrow Saturday January 15 at 10 a.m. Italian Time.

 Focardi (left) and Rossi (right)

The team of physicists at the University of Bologna, led by Professor Sergio Focardi, announced they will conduct the live demonstration tomorrow to a small group of researchers and journalists.

The Google Translate Of The Italian Article
'Experiment we obtained copper - Focardi said - and we believe that its appearance is due to the fusion of atomic nuclei of nickel and hydrogen, just the' ingredients' that feed our reactor.  Since hydrogen and nickel 'weigh' with less copper must have released a lot of energy, since "nothing is created and destroyed. Indeed, "The Missing Mass - Focardi says - has been transformed into energy and we have measured: it is in the order of a few kilowatts, two hundred times the energy that was the beginning of the reaction."

Original Article 

Journal Of Nuclear Physics

International Patent



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