eCat: "Container Cat" Is Ready For Friday - Are You?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The big test coming up on Friday 28th is the absolute pinnacle of the eCat calender.  

Since early in January we've all been following the twists and turns of a rollercoaster story that has been both sublime, ridiculous and above all very entertaining. On Friday "Container Cat" as I have called it, will either make the history books by producing a Megawatt of thermal energy or will blow up like an over-microwaved rice pudding.

After a handful of tests some are utterly convinced and yet some are still holding out for independent testing.  It is true to say that the testing so far has lacked in-depth accuracy and scientific precision, but it is also apparent that something very odd and indeed special is happening when an eCat starts up.

If it were not for the fact it's true, the real life events of Rossi's eCat adventure would surely be the makings of a good fictional novel.

Secret Customer

The latest development is the mystery surrounding the customer who wishes to buy Rossi's 1MW plant.  Rossi has not said so, but presumably the customer does not just want one plant, but the rights to commercialize and manufacture hundreds, maybe thousands of plants.

The story so far from Rossi is that the customer is highly secretive and does not want their identity revealed to the public at large and that on the 28th the customers consultants and representatives will be there to make the required measurements required for proof that the ecat does exactly what it's supposed to - make enormous amounts of heat from an as yet unknown safe nuclear surface level reaction.

That's the story anyway, but let's delve a little deeper.

Why the secrecy?

What are the possible motivations for all the secrecy here?  Well, the first and (in my opinion) most unlikely reason is that the customer just doesn't want the hassle and publicity of having a connection to such a seemingly unlikely technology that would perhaps dent their carefully crafted credibility and image.

The most likely reason is that the company desperately wants to maintain a competitive market advantage and the only way to guarantee this is to show no apparent public interest in the ecat.

This approach could give them a very financially rewarding head start on the single biggest market opportunity of the century.  Trillions of dollars await the successful market leader who will be the first to properly conquer the newly emerging LENR energy sector.

Top TRENDS researcher Gerald Celente recently described the new wave of energy technologies that are poised to hit us as "The greatest investment opportunity of the 21rst century." Right now, Rossi's eCat is leading the field based on it's apparent market readiness. A beurocratic quicksand of safety certifications and approvals still stands in the way and must be negotiated before the proper adoption of this new primary energy source, but the rewards that await are utterly incalculable.

It recently emerged that Rossi's now soured deal with "divorced" former business partner
Defkalion Green Technologies was worth an astonishing 200 Million Euros in a single royalty payment. The on-sale of further plant licences (including blueprints and training) is confirmed by Defkalion as 40.5 Million Euros per 300,000 units produced. This would be ultimately dwarfed by the overall potential European eCat sales market, certain to be counted in the hundreds of Billions by year two and beyond.

There is another possibility for the customer's apparent desire for secrecy which leaves a
distinctly sour taste.  That is the possibility that the customer is of the military hardware variety and intends to use the eCat technology for combat / conflict operations.  It doesn't really need to be said that any army who can harness vast amounts of energy, which are highly portable and can be delivered into theatre operations quickly (in say, a shipping container) is a huge advantage.

Can the secrecy be maintained?

Although the customer does not want to be identified, it's representatives will be present to take measurements on Friday. However, they will not be alone.  Rossi has said that scientific journalists worthy of note will also be present along with a handful of other selected invitees.  Will those people be prevented from talking to the customer representatives?  Will balaclavas and voice morphing microphones be standard issue on the day? - I doubt it.

And what of Defkalion in all this?

Therein lies another crazy novel in itself.  Defkalion on one end with an apprently MORE market ready product and Rossi on the other claiming they haven't got a clue how to make an eCat reactor core?  Have Defkalion back engineered Rossi's eCat already? Are they bluffing? Or have they hooked up with LENR rival, Piantelli and have HIS technology at the heart of their Hyperion modules? It's a sticky mess of claims and counter claims and someone needs to clear it up.

The Rossi story started off quite simply, but every day this tale has been slowly aquiring more and more complexity. Trying to follow it, now requires a 6 month apprenticeship and the patience of a saint whos just been on a "How to Be More Patient" training course.

From secret customers, on / off partnerships, contradictory statements, to clowns, snakes, coffee machines and much argued over test results. On Friday, a successful run of "Container Cat" will hopefully put an end to the bickering.

I think I need a double shot of steaming espresso, Italian of course.



Anonymous,  October 25, 2011 at 1:09 PM  

Hello all,

I don't understand this group, I emailed them with a good suggestion on Oct3rd, 2011 to use technology that converts heat (from any effluent) back to electricity, see below;

Rather than measure temperature of sources in/out, and at various locations, simply measure electricity into all components, against electricity created by the Granex heat exchanger (which by the way collects electricity from even low quality heat sources).

A simple equation that everyone understands, and then I will see the world-wide page 1 headlines for Rossi's 'E-cat' on October 29, 2011.

Anonymous,  October 25, 2011 at 2:56 PM  

I'll be very disappointed if Rossi gives the technology to government or military organizations. They are more likely to make bad use of it. And I bet to you that they will not give any information in the near future.

FE Truth October 25, 2011 at 3:07 PM  

The military industrial complex know of this technology, that is for sure. I also sincerely hope that they do not militarize this technology. I'm hopeful the customer is not of the weapons fraternity.

dobermanmacleod October 25, 2011 at 4:42 PM  

It is now up in the air whether Rossi handed off his technology to a customer who wants to diffuse it onto the marketplace. That was his stated goal. On the other hand, the motivation of Defkalion is transparent as they published their manifesto, which was to commercialize LENR so as to spread it far and wide.

By the way, I doubt limiting publicity would further the goal of getting a jump start on successful commercialization. Instead, it could be a matter of keeping it cool until licensing is accomplished, or it could be an effort to stage a big coming out party for it emerging onto the market without leaks stealing it's thunder.

Sverre Haslund,  October 26, 2011 at 7:04 AM  

Have anybody noticed that now points to ?

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