Self Running Coil - Is this Overunity?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This series of new YouTube videos were brought to my attention today.  In the video we appear to see the charging of a capacitor in action and a voltage being produced which is higher than the input voltage of the battery. The videos were made by gotoluc .  The toroid coil is pulsed on and off at a specific frequency.  Also present in the setup are a stack of neodymium magnets with a small airgap.

Amazingly the battery is disconnected and the voltage still climbs. He puts a lot of emphasis on the frequency being correct.  If not set to correct frequency then there is no effect.

He makes these additional points in a posting:

If the magnet is removed there is no effect

If the magnet has no air gap there is no effect

If the frequency is changed there is no effect

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