Orbo Testing Extended Due To Demand

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Steorn have extended their stay at The Waterways Centre in Dublin to cater for 3 more weeks of additional testing on top of the 4 weeks conducted already. Much of the testing is being carried out by 3rd party companies who have an interest in commercial development of Orbo. 

This statement was published on Steorn's website in the last few hours:
"The Waterways will remain open for a further three weeks, until Friday 19th March, due to additional applications from third parties interested in testing Orbo technology."

The demand for testing slots has been very high and this is a very encouraging sign indeed which underlines how valuable this technology will become in the marketplace.  Product developers failing to get in early may face a struggle and may ultimately lose market share to forward thinking competitors who see an advantage.

A gadget hungry public and power savings dominated industry will ditch conventional powered products in their droves if they are offered a free energy alternative.

Other updates:
  • Release of calorimetry and other test data – being finalised and ready for release soon.
  • The SKDB opening date will be announced in the coming weeks



Arfman March 3, 2010 at 9:46 PM  

Where does it say anything about 'calorimetry and other test data – being finalised and ready for release soon.'?

And, for that matter, define 'soon'.

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