170 E-Cat Fusion Modules Now Ready For Installation

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today we learned from Andrea Rossi that 170 of the 300 E-Cat Fusion Modules required for the 1MW plant in Greece have been produced.  

Rossi is a very hard working individual and is currently doing 18 hours a day, getting up at 5am and working most of the time in his factory helping to make the E-Cat modules for the opening of the first fusion power facility, or "catalyzer farm".

The plant which is due to open in October this year will consist of 300 E-Cat modules linked together.  The objective is simple: "to make heat".

Yesterday, Rossi's technology was featured on Italian TV News station RAI.  Unfortunately it is not accessible to anyone who doesn't speak Italian. However, it did spread more awareness (at least in Italy) that we have a new primary energy source. 

RAI TV News Feature On Rossi's Energy Catalyzer

In another intriguing question and answer session on his website, Rossi was asked "Have you ever observed the inside of your reaction chamber through a window of some sort when it is operating? If there is electron movement in the nickel from shell to shell there should be energy jumps which will produce visible photons.The area about the nickel should be illuminated."

Rossi gave a very interesting reply: "Yes, I did. The information about what I saw is confidential."

Meanwhile, the mainstream media are still holding out their record breaking silence on the Rossi story - which is probably the biggest story in a lifetime. Instead of the conveniently overlooked news that we are on the verge of an energy revolution that will affect every man woman and child, we are being fed live CNN coverage of Osama Bin Laden's second death.  The first death he had was in 2002 from Kidney Failure, the second seems to be from the results of being defrosted.


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